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Kate Daisy Grant with Nick Pynn announced the release of her new album ‘Lullaby’ out 7th November 2019

Through a lifelong fascination with connection, Kate’s latest project, with multi-instrumentalist musical partner Nick Pynn, is an innovative exploration of world lullabies, through the lens of the neuroscience of love.


Kate began her musical journey singing her self-penned songs of love, loss and longing in gigs in her native London. Signed to Sony/ATV and later independent label Telescopic Baby, Kate’s eponymous 2011 album, live album and 2014 release ‘Portrait’ were well received in airplay over BBC radio, UK tours and two successful Edinburgh Fringe runs. Teaming up with seasoned multi-instrumentalist Nick Pynn they performed live-looped shows, which won the ‘Spirit of the Fringe’ Edinburgh award, and ‘Best Music Act’ award in the Brighton Fringe.

Kate’s music has been featured in film, theatre and TV, including a Jon Ronson show ‘Voices in the Head’ on

Radio 4. She also appeared as a vocalist/ instrumentalist with jazz-soul singer Sarah Jane Morris, The Incredible String Band’s Mike Heron and God of Hellfire, Arthur Brown.


Following her passion for learning more about love and its connection to the mind and body, Kate branched out into trainings in somatic therapy, attachment theory and polyvagal theory, which says that when our ears hear a very specific frequency band of the female voice, particularly the range usually employed by lullabies, we can also access a state of safety within our nervous systems.


Kate wondered, if a listener is surrounded by female voices singing lullabies all in this range – what would happen to the person’s inner experience? And what if they were lullabies from all over the world, making an impression of one voice from many, emphasising our unity in a world of so many different voices, political views and agendas?


While researching folk lullabies from all over the globe, Kate was struck by the similarities of the melodies, and how they could even be sung as harmonies to each other, overlapping and weaving together. With Nick at the helm of the recording process, she set about making an hour-long arrangement. Nick mixed the many vocal parts into surround sound, to make the listener feel cocooned by lullabies, along with dream-like layers of piano and strings.

To see an interactive map of how the original lullabies fit together in the album, and to hear original language versions click here for CD version or here for download version.

Live Immersive Launch


Since the completion of the album, Kate and Nick have formed a collaboration with projection mapping artist Peter Eyres, to create a unique setting for a live experience.

‘Lullaby’ the live launch, continued the experience of the cocoon, as the listener was able to lie down and be surrounded by layers of not only lullabies, but beautiful images from womb to cosmos, as they formed audio-responsive, layered projections around the space. The audience will be taken on a journey – a lifetime in an hour – moving through fractal images of nature in all its seasons, day and night, from microcosm to macrocosm.



final final Diana Frangi Nick and Kate.j

Image: Diana Frangi

To buy CDs or downloads of 'Lullaby', click here to go to Bandcamp 

For an interactive map of how the different lullabies fit together, with links to the original versions, click here (for CD version (4 tracks)  or here for the download version (1 seamless track).

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